Cost Efficiency

Increase your use of solar and your savings

Solar roofing systems can generate a significant amount of energy per square.  It reduces the amount of conventional utility-generated electricity you consume with immediate benefits to energy savings. Solar provides built-in protection from rising energy costs thus increasing your savings over time. Solar offers many benefits and cost efficiency gains can come from:

  • Reduced electricity bills – Once installed, solar roofing systems will reduce your overall energy bill. Total savings will depend upon various factors and can be optimized to maximize your energy efficiency.
  • Generate revenue with electricity you generate – Many utility companies will pay for the electricity you generate or provide rebates.  Check your with your local utility company.
  • Government incentives – Current federal tax incentives are 30% of the total installed system cost as well as other local and state incentives that make solar an attractive solution.

Calculating The Value of Solar

It is important to consider the total savings of a solar system over the entire life of the system.   If you are only looking at total system costs and price per watt savings, it does not give you a true picture of the full financial benefits solar can provide. We design solar roofing systems to deliver the greatest total savings over the life of your commercial solar installation.

When calculating the value of your solar installation, look at your total project costs and savings over the life of the roof as well as add back any government incentives or energy generation revenues.  This will allow you to gain a complete picture of the cost savings over the life of the system.

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