Solar Roofing

The Natural Power of Solar

Renewable energy sources have become one of the most critical issues of our time and solar roofing is a proven energy saver and valuable renewable energy investment. When installing a solar system, there are many considerations to take and at Core we ensure every detail, from analysis, installation, and ongoing maintenance are all part of our full-cycle solar solutions.  A high performing solar roof system uses the power of the sun to turn your roof into an energy generating asset while reducing your energy cost and reliance on the utility grid.

Core offers the highest quality roofing and solar products on the market, long-term product and service warranties, and mitigation of installation risk with certified solar components and service.

Energy Efficiency
Solar uses what is known as the photovoltaic (PV) effect, the conversion of the sun’s energy into electricity through proper placement of solar panels on your roof. Solar roofing is a quiet, clean solution with no moving parts and no pollution.

Why Solar?
Solar is a perfectly clean and renewable energy solution that is easy to convert to usable electricity and long-term savings. It’s a smart choice for your building, your investment and for the environment.

We ensure proper installation on all types of roofs for years of trouble-free service and assurance that any current roof warranties will remain intact. We are certified solar integrated roofing specialists who understand how to design and install solar arrays to maximize energy savings.

Solar Technology Partners
The roofing expertise from Core combined with the technological expertise of our industry leading solar partners makes Core one of the most knowledgeable and reliable roofing companies in the industry. Our solar technology partners include Firestone, Suniva Cells & Modules, and Carlisle Syntec.