EPDM Single Ply

Best choice for low-slope roofs for over 40 years

An acronym for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, this synthetic rubber, used first by the automotive industry for its tendency not to rot, has been constantly tested and improved for the last 40 years. Since rubber is this roofs main component its internal membrane consistently recaptures its shape after stretching, thus maintains its physical properties for decades.

This core flexibility allows EPDM to be installed on various roofing conditions from low-sloped roof decks to steep-sloped barrel roofs to simple to complex roof designs. It’s no wonder that EPDM, annually, accounts for over 1 billion square feet of new roof coverings in the United States, and is the most frequently used roofing material in the marketplace.


  • Number one choice among contractors for repair and replacement roofs
  • No flames or boilers are needed to install
  • Can be applied to existing roofs to add better security and efficacy to the current roof
  • Resilient in extreme weather conditions
  • Prime choice in any geographic climate
  • Versatile design and application
  • So flexible it can be applied to almost any current roofing structure

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