Coal Tar Pitch

Heals minor damage before you’re aware

Limited to level and low-sloped roofs, this system is comprised of roofing grade tar, pitch, and reinforcing plies, that in combination with a gravel surface can build up many natural resistances. A Coal Tar roofing system represents the industry’s premier built-up roof membrane assembly. Coal tar’s unique molecular structure provides a system that resists water and vapor penetration, insect damage, chemical attack, UV exposure and most elements considered common enemies to other roof membrane systems. Its superior resistance to ponding water eliminates the costly use of tapered insulation. Its cold flow/self-healing properties mean lower maintenance costs since small cracks and fissures disappear before they become real problems.

National building codes permit coal tar roofs be used at slopes down to dead-level while all other roofing materials are required to be either installed at a minimum slope of 0.25-inches, or to have positive slope. The unprecedented and time tested performance of coal tar pitch makes this system a primary choice where long term performance and low maintenance costs are important.


  • Naturally resistant to water
  • Time-proven system for “dead” level and low-sloped roofs
  • Added resistance to air and water vapor penetration
  • Impervious to standing water and pooling
  • Due to the low softening point, can heal itself from minor cracks and punctures
  • One of the strongest and resilient roofing systems today
  • Can perform under the harshest conditions

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