Roofing Systems

Unmatched roofing expertise and installation percision

Core has a proven track record of installing various types of roofing systems and guarantee any system you select for your building will be installed with extreme care and precision. Don’t get lost in all the different choices of which roof to install and what is best for your building; let CORE recommend the best roof for your building. Fully licensed and bonded, we use the highest quality materials and work with all size new construction and existing roof replacements.

Thermoplastic (TPO & PVC)
Thermoplastic TPO (thermo-plastic polyolefin) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) are types of membrane roofing commonly used on flat roofs to prevent leaks and help remove water from the roof.

An acronym for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, this synthetic rubber, used first by the automotive industry for its tendency not to rot, has been constantly tested and improved for the last 40 years.

Built-Up Bitumen
Developed over 50 years ago this roofing membrane is composed primarily of polymer-modified bitumen sheets that when applied can create an impermeable uniform system.

Metal Roofing
An extremely popular system with a range of applications and designs that is reliable and guaranteed to last. Are among the best choices when considering longevity and value in a commercial roofing system.

Coal Tar Pitch
Limited to level and low-sloped roofs, this system is comprised of roofing grade tar, pitch, and reinforcing plies, that in combination with a gravel surface can build up many natural resistances.

An environmentally friendly and efficient system unlike the rest in the world, it cannot only strengthen existing roofs but can promote overall healthier surroundings.