An economical smart alternative for the life of your roof

Roof coatings provide a substantially lower investment than a complete roof replacement and often are the answer for solving many roof problems. Even when there is not an existing problem, roof coatings are a smart move for extending the life of your roof with the potential to immediately increase energy efficiency. Many of the different coating methods we provide have been tested and proven to ensure high performance and long life.

A roof coating can be installed on most any commercial roofing surface and creates a seamless membrane that can significantly reduce the roof temperature thus resulting in savings on your energy consumption. This means not only is there the added protection from roof leaks and damage but also savings on your energy bill. Coatings can not only protect and reinforce your roof structure, but also seal and conserve energy too. Consider these benefits for applying coating to your roof:

Elastomeric coated "cool roof"

  • lightweight application and does not add additional stress on the roof
  • Cost effective over roof replacement with minimal disruption to the business
  • Protects against UV, thermal shock and corrosion
  • Extends the life of the roof and coatings are warrantied for up to 15 years
  • Seamless waterproof membrane provides added protection against leaks
  • Reduce rooftop temperatures and save on energy costs

There are various coating types available for your roof and Core will help you determine which coating provides the best possible solution for your roof. Prior to applying any roof coating, we thoroughly clean, prime and waterproof your existing roof to ensure high quality application of the coating.  Some coating options depend on the roof type but all provide a durable solution for years of protection.  Elastomeric coatings are the most prevalent roof coating used today. They are liquid applied and when fully adhered forms a “rubber-like” membrane and a highly reflective surface that seals the roof thus removing the risk that comes with cracks, seams and corrosion.  Energy cost and maintenance cost can be greatly reduced with elastomeric coatings.

Core only uses the highest quality roof coatings on the market today with extensive roof coating experience. Contact Core to learn more about how we can provide a coating solution for your roof.