Asbestos Removal

Peace of mind with safe asbestos removal

Core Roofing and Solar Systems is a certified asbestos abatement contractor, experienced in safe encapsulation and removal of asbestos material. Very carefully, Core will securely isolate affected areas, and will safely remove and dispose of all the compromised materials. We then will replace or renovate the area in a manner that is best for the roof and your business.

Asbestos is a generic term that describes different forms of natural rock called hydrated mineral silicates.  While asbestos is known for its flexibility and fire resistance, it is also known for its harmful properties to the human today including how proven exposure over time can lead to cancer.  For this reason, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned asbestos in the mid 1970s.  Since Asbestos is a fibrous material, it can only be detected with laboratory analysis and requires certification by your roofing contractor for proper removal.

Asbestos Abatement is the process through which asbestos containing building materials is evaluated for integrity to determine whether it should be removed or what kind of steps should be taken to minimize the health risks associated with asbestos.  There are numerous federal and state laws when it comes to asbestos contact so choose a contractor who is knowledgeable in the necessary steps for accurate removal procedures. Asbestos Abatement processes can be carried out as follows

Complete removal  – The area or products which contain asbestos related health risk are completely removed from the structure and only should be conducted by and experienced asbestos abatement company like Core.

Encapsulation – This is a process by which the asbestos materials are sealed to prevent any further potential health risks.

Enclosure – This involves building a new airtight structure around the area on the roof that contains asbestos products. This is the least expensive process, however it does require maintenance and monitoring.

If asbestos is found on your roof, and is does not pose a threat to human health, it can be left alone.  At Core, we tend to take the position that any asbestos exposure should be mitigated immediately.    We have completed removal projects in various commercial building including office buildings, schools, hotels, manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities.

Rely on the professionals at Core for certified asbestos abatement. Contact us today.