Reliable and responsive roof repair services.

When roofing problems appear or persist, most times they can be solved with a proper assessment and repair plan. Our goal is to avoid replacing an existing roof and to focus on problem solving for extending the life of a roof while avoiding future repairs. Through the use of the latest infrared scanning technology to detect the source of water intrusion issues to repairs as a result of wear or damage, our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and provide high performance repair services that are cost efficient and reliable.

  • Detailed assessment outlining problem areas and severity
  • Repair plan and estimate including insurance claim assistance
  • Photo documentation
  • Recommendations for roof life extension and on-going maintenance
  • Project schedule and documentation available online

An alternative to roof replacement, coatings are economical solutions and in many cases provide a long-term solution for protection, reinforcement and conservation of existing materials.

Asbestos Removal
If you need an assessment of asbestos risk or if you have a known asbestos problem, core brings the expertise required for an extensive analysis and complete asbestos removal.

Emergency Repair
Roofing emergencies require immediate responses, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day or whenever storm damage, accidents or problems occur.  Core brings the credibility and resources for immediate response and reliability when you need us most.


Have a roofing emergency? Contact Core Roofing & Solar 24/7.