Renovation & Restoration

Extend the life of your roof and save replacement costs

Roof  renovation and restoration is often a smart economical decision over roof replacement that can ensure many years of quality and protection as well as a way to control maintenance cost. Plus, many roof renovations can be environmentally friendly alternatives that can increase energy savings.  As a matter of fact, at Core we look at roof replacement as a last resort especially with the evolution of many reflective elastomeric coatings for restoring metal roofs, single-ply roofing membranes, polyurethane foam, modified bitumens, and smooth surface asphalt roofs.

There are many benefits to restoration of your roof and include:

  • Costs are typically less than half the cost of a new roof.
  • Costs can be expensed as a repair or maintenance.
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • Energy efficiency gains thus lower energy costs
  • Improved air quality and minimized ongoing debris issues
  • Reduced future maintenance costs

Through our customized renovation and restoration process, we systematically upgrade the performance of your existing roof and its components by identifying and repairing defects in addition to providing a new top coat to restore waterproofing continuity in the most cost-effective manner possible.

How Roof Restoration or Renovation Works

Our restoration or renovation process is carried out only after a careful evaluation of your existing roof and all roof accessories and components. While  in many cases, the entire roof is attended too, often we only focus on problem areas or sections of the roof that require attention.  Our process includes:

  • Detailed evaluation of the existing roof, all structures, accessories and roof components
  • Evaluation of areas most susceptible to leaks and energy loss
  • All cracks, blisters, seams, flashings, and leaks are repaired with fabric, caulk, and elastomeric roof coating
  • The roof is thoroughly cleaned of any dirt, debris, chalk, and surface oxidation
  • If a coating is required, a primer is applied to the existing surface to ensure a strong bond of coating material
  • A highly reflective elastomeric roof coating applied over the entire roof surface, permanently blocking UV rays

The benefits of a new coating on the roof surface include:

  • Provides a water-resistant barrier even in situations where ponding occurs
  • Reduces thermal shock to the roof and evens the temperature of the roof thus reducing energy costs
  • Extends the life of your roof, often 2-3 times its original life expectancy

Contact Core today before you make any costly decisions about roof replacement.