Preventative Care

Protect your investment with the “Core Cares Plan”

Your roof is one of the most exposed areas on your building and also can be one of the most costly to repair.   The Core Cares Plan is a custom designed maintenance plan that provides the appropriate level of care for your roof based on the roof type, exposure to the elements and other factors that contribute to ensuring the life of your roof.   Our maintenance program  is designed to maximize energy efficiency, reduce repair costs and extend the life of your roof.  Our goal is to identify potential problems before any widespread damage occurs with a maintenance plan fit for your roof.  The Core Care Plan includes:

  • A thorough roof inspection and condition report
  • Photo documentation of all critical roof areas and accessories
  • Checking roof membranes for potential blisters, punctures, or tears
  • Examination of flashing around roof penetrations such as chimneys, vents, and skylights
  • Thermal imaging to detect moisture within the roof system
  • Detailed maintenance plan complete with inspection schedule
  • Complete follow-up and documentation of any authorized work or repairs

It is important to note that inspection and maintenance schedules are dependent on the roof type, age of the root and other environmental factors so while some roofs may require attention every 6 months other may only require and annual inspection.  We will only recommend a plan that is right for your roof and not a standard plan that is used for every customer.   Most commercial property owners only think about their roof when there is storm damage or if there is a leak and we recommend a Core Cares plan to keep your roof in good condition at all times.

The investment in preventative care could prove to save thousands down the road and a Core Cares plan ensures:

  • Your roof is maintained in optimal condition.
  • The life of your roof is maximized
  • Guaranteed coverage when you need it
  • Priority services in the case of emergencies
  • Energy efficiency and clear of debris and protection from the elements

Contact Core to learn more about how a preventative maintenance plan to protect your roofing investment.