Extend the life of your roof with Core

Your roof is one of the most essential and valuable parts of your building. It is constantly exposed to the elements more than any other part of your building and preserving its long-term integrity must be considered. Preventative maintenance plans include an assessment of critical points of deterioration for the roof and all roof accessories. Protection of your roofing assists is essential in maximizing roof life, reducing repair costs, and increasing energy efficiency. Core maintenance services include:

  • Scheduled roof inspections, deterioration analysis and cleaning
  • Documentation of water entry points and damage and defect risk analysis
  • Comprehensive documentation including photographs and details of all roof accessories
  • Water flow, drainage and water seal quality assurance
  • Renovation and restoration planning and implementation

Preventative Care  (The Core Cares Plan)
Reduce the possibility of costly emergency roof repairs with scheduled roof inspections to identify potential problems before they occur and to extend the life of your roof.

Renovation & Restoration
Roof renovation and restoration is often an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to complete roof replacement providing a long-term solution for older or damaged roofs.

Roof Hatch & Skylight
Installation of roof hatches and skylights is vital to any complete roofing system and must be a durable solution to provide years of maintenance-free, safe and weather tight roof access.