Thin Film Solar

Precision Thin Film Solar Planning and Installation

Any installation of solar requires not only expertise in solar energy solutions, but also roofing and electrical expertise. Thin film solar cells use a layer of semiconductor material that is only a few micrometers thick and maximize flexibility in the tiles. When installed, thin film titles are practically invisible verses PV panel installation.  It is important to note that thin film solar solutions often require more roof space than traditional solar panels. In recent years, purchase and installation cost have come down and are now comparable as well.  The main advantages to thin film solar installation include:

Thin film solar can be an attractive cost-effective and energy efficient solution.

  • May double as rooftop shingles or appearance of coating on flat roofs
  • Can create attractive building facades or glazing for skylights
  • No need for bracketing or drilling the rooftop, thus, reducing risks for leaks
  • Can be installed on curved surfaces and is a less intrusive solution
  • Light weight solution with small carbon footprint and fast energy payback

Thin Film Installation Process

If thin film solar is right for your business, a comprehensive evaluation of your energy needs will be required, as well as, a determination of how and where to best install thin film solar panels to maximize energy production.  While not all roofs or businesses are optimal for thin film solar solutions, we will ensure that every detail is covered prior and during installation.

Site analysis and resource evaluation
A comprehensive analysis of energy usage and solar panel requirements for meeting energy needs is conducted.  A site analysis will determine a thin film solution that is best for your business including technology selection, design and installation processes.  At this stage, thin film solar technology partners are consulted and will assist with a proper evaluation for your solar design and installation plan.

Planning and design
We provide a detailed design schematic and plan that will optimize roof space, minimize solar energy costs, ensure efficient installation and maximize the lifetime of your thin film solar solution.

Upon approval of the system design and installation plan, our teams execute with precision and in the least invasive manner possible so there is minimal interruption to your business and facility.  We address any issues or potential challenges up front. Afterwards, a team of solar technology, solar energy and roofing installers will provide onsite project management to complete your installation in the most efficient and quality manner to mitigate risk.

Quality Assurance and ongoing maintenance
We never leave your side once installation is complete. Our QA teams will assess the installed solar solution and ensure energy efficiency goals will be met along with the integrity of the solar installation.  Upon a thorough QA, we then focus on the the lifetime value of your thin film solar solution by implementing the appropriate maintenance plan. Your maintenance plan is customized based on your building, the extent of your thin film solar solution while ensuring maximum lifetime energy savings.

Rely on CORE Thin Film Solar Solutions

We have forged relationships with some of  the world’s leading manufacturers of thin film solar technology and systems. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most efficient solar power generation systems while managing installation cost with energy savings and return on investment.  Call CORE today and let us plan, design and install a high quality, cost effective thin film solar solution.