Expert Solar Panel Installation

When considering solar power commercial use, the installation process is critical and must be completed by certified solar installation specialists who also possess in-depth roofing knowledge.   The quality of the installation can have significant impact on energy savings, maintenance costs and life of your solar panels.

Photovoltaic installation requires experienced engineers and installers to ensure systems fully comply with National Electric Code, and all local and regional building standards.

Pre-installation Planning

  • Analysis of roof facing and exposure to the sun
  • Roof age, pitch, roof type analysis
  • Documented measurements and photographs
  • Mounting area and load evaluation
  • Potential issues for maximizing energy output
  • Solar panel and installation cost and return on investment
  • Access to breaker panel and other necessary structures

Installation and Management

Installation of photovoltaic roofing systems can be labor intensive and careful attention must be paid to the entire roofing structure. The core solar installation team are highly qualified roofing and solar experts including certified solar installers, seasoned photovoltaic integrators, commercial roofing engineers and energy industry experts. From design to installation, we pay particular attention every detail.

  • Equipment must be installed according to manufacturer specifications.
  • We ensure all system parts are properly grounded to reduce the threat of electric shock or surges.
  • Installation meets all local utility interconnection requirements.
  • Final inspections are completed by the appropriate authorities
  • Assistance with the completion and filing of all paperwork necessary for Federal, State, and Local grants and incentives as appropriate
  • Assistance with completion, filing and managing of all utility company interconnection and inspection requirements
  • System startup and owner orientation
  • Follow up and maintenance planning