Roofing Expertise Ensures Quality Solar Installation

Solar roof installation is a process which should only be performed by certified solar installation experts.  Whether a flat or sloped roof and how solar panels will integrate with existing structures all need to be considered prior to and during the installation process.  Installing solar photovoltaic panels or thin film solutions require an equal amount of diligence, precision and care.  Solar installers must posses comprehensive commercial roof installation knowledge as well as an understanding of solar technology and a working knowledge of the electrical aspects of roofing.  This combined knowledge is what makes Core uniquely qualified to be your trusted solar roofing partner. Here are some critical factors when you choose a Core solar installation:

  • We are careful to protect the integrity of the current roof system and will create work areas to ensure that solar material load is distributed during installation.
  • Roof penetration is minimized and mounting brackets are used appropriately.
  • Any necessary roof penetration will be properly flashed, sealed and waterproofed.
  • A solar site survey is conducted to ensure proper placement of modules, maximizing use of roof space and energy efficiency.
  • Detailed drawings and specifications for installation.
  • On-site project management and systems in place to ensure adherence to plans and specifications.
  • Certified solar installer to meet the particular needs of each solar installation
  • Assistance with documentation for federal and state rebate programs.

Photovoltaic Installation
Photovoltaic systems continue to evolve from large panel systems to roofing tiles with high aesthetic appeal.  Whichever type used, these systems can be installed with relative ease.

Thin Film Solar Installation
Thin film panels provide an alternative to large solar panels and can be applied directly on the roof, and in many cases are not immediately visible.