Inspection Report

Detailed reporting for value-based decisions

A distinguishing factor or Core’s service is the quality of the reporting we provide, wether for inspections, maintenance, repairs or insurance claims.  Our documentation starts with a complete understanding of the roof type and building structures as well as any historical information available to provide a baseline for our reporting.  Our documentation includes an exhaustive checklist of all exteriors, materials and roofing accessories as well as energy impact analysis.  We include digital images, relevant testing data, thermographic readings and analysis and recommendations.  The goal of our inspection reporting is to:

  • Provide a benchmark for general roof condition
  • Determine if the roof system is performing to its intended function
  • Identify signs of weakness, moisture problems, deterioration and hazards
  • Develop a plan for repair or replacement needs
  • Determine a budget for roof maintenance expenditures
  • Roof load analysis and risk mitigation
  • Safety, OSHA, building code requirement assessment
  • Provide an assessment of roof stability and roof life expectancy

The inspection and reporting process at Core is essential to the quality of service we provide.  Roof inspection reports are used for a variety of reasons such as for determining purchase valuation, for filing insurance claims, and for maintenance planning, thus the accuracy and integrity of our reports is essential.  All documentation is stored and managed by Core and can be provided in digital format to our customers.