Infrared Moisture Scan

Find moisture problems with infrared scanning technology

Moisture damage can occur at anytime and it is often missed. Collecting under the roof, moisture can only be detected by a thermal signature, an image captured by an infrared scan. Using infrared technology, we can accurately target problem areas and determine the extent of moisture damage which can save tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs or replacement. An infrared moisture scan can be completed without any disruption to the business and provides:

Infrared image displays potential damaged areas

  • A cost-effective means for pinpointing moisture issues or wet insulation
  • An alternative to roof replacement by repairing only damaged areas
  • Accurate documentation for bidding repairs and sound maintenance decisions
  • Protection against potential mold infestation

Using infrared technology Core can locate moisture problems that are otherwise hidden to the human eye. Our inspection teams will examine the targeted areas, mark out the areas on the roof surface and produce a detailed report with findings, digital images, and recommendations.

If you are interested in an infrared scan of your roof and surrounding structures, rely on the expertise at Core. Contact us today.