Energy Efficient Analysis

A better environment and energy savings with informed roofing decisions

One of the most important facility management decisions that is made is the investment in your roofing system.  For commercial buildings, an inefficient roof system can cost acompany hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the roof.  Roof costs are associated with many factors including climate, wind resistance, materials used, roof assemblies, drainage systems and roof slope. When you take into consideration all of these factors, we can make a determination of optimum energy savings that can be achieved.

A Core Energy Efficient Analysis is a detailed roof audit of the entire roof assembly and it pinpoints the energy-savings potential based on the roofs life-cycle.  We use various forms of technology as well as conduct a detailed inspection of every roof component including:

  • Roofing materials used and quality of materials
  • Roof insulation used and amount of insulation
  • Roof surface Coatings and Finishes including application and integrity analysis
  • Moisture risk, vapor retarders, drainage systems and air barriers
  • Roof type, mounted accessories and systems and weight bearing analysis
  • Renewable and sustainable energy systems
  • Building square footage, climate, exposure and functional needs

The optimal energy efficient solution

Properly designed roofs can result in energy savings of as much as 30%.  When renewable energy roofing practices are used such as reflective coatings, solar and other green roofing systems,  it can not only result in significant gains in energy savings but also makes a positive impact on the environment.  When we conduct an Energy Efficient Analysis, we will answer the following questions:

  • Based on your facility needs and function, what is the best roofing material optimize water proofing and sustainability?
  • How do we prevent roof condensation and what roofing components may require vapor retarders or air barriers?
  • What impact will renewable, sustainable or green roofing systems have on overall energy costs?
  • Based on the climate, roof slope and exposure factors, what will be the impact of reflective coatings on energy savings?
  • What type of insulation how much insulation will optimize energy savings?
  • What combination of enhancements, maintenance and sustainable system decisions will maximize my investments?

Our Energy Efficient Analysis uncovers many hidden cost in roofing not typically considered by many facility managers, property owners or management companies.  An Energy Efficient Analysis may be the key to reduced energy and maintenance costs and to the information you need for extending the life of your roof. The teams at Core can deliver a detailed energy cost savings and roof performance report that will allow for sound roofing decisions whether in the planning process of a roofing project or for retrofits, new construction, renovations or restorations.

Learn more about how an Energy Efficient Analysis can make a difference with your building contributing to many years of quality and maximized energy savings.  Call core today and our energy roofing specialists can walk your roof for a free evaluation and cost estimate.