Inspection and repair assessments for maintaining roof quality

Roofing inspections are required for various purposes – for repairs, for property purchases, for insurance policies and claims, and for maintenance assessments. When roofing inspections are integrated in your annual maintenance plan, roof life can be extended by as much as 50% of normal roof life expectancy. Regardless of the reason for a roof inspection or if part of your regular maintenance plan, Core provides the technology and detailed inspection analysis that gives our customers confidence in meeting regulatory, financing and environmental demands as well as for ensuring cost-efficient repairs. Core provides a wide range of inspection services including:

  • Preventative care analysis
  • Real estate transactions
  • Flashings, seals and water drainage analysis
  • Moisture build-up and control analysis
  • Ventilation, energy efficiency and restoration examination
  • Stress testing, safety and OSHA compliance
  • Repair and damage assessments

Infrared Moisture Scan
Infrared thermography allows for accurate and cost-effective detection of moisture build-up or to identify potential problem areas, ultimately improving roof life and cost efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Analysis
The Core energy efficiency analysis is essential when selecting the right roofing system or making the renovation or restoration decisions that will maximize savings on energy cost.

Inspection & Condition Reporting
Whether a new or existing roof, Core provides the proper documentation for determining roof life and assessing current and on-going value and maintenance costs critical for preventative care planning, building acquisition and insurance coverage and claims.