Energy Efficiency

A Renewable Energy Source That Reduces Utility Costs

There is no doubt that there is a rise in energy efficiency when using solar panels as part of your roofing solutions. Solar may seem expensive to implement over traditional roofing systems, but with incentive programs and energy company rebates, the up-front cost can be substantially lowered. The real gains, however, come from a significant reduction in utility cost over years of sustainable energy sourcing from the sun and what could result in thousands of dollars of utility bill savings each year. Solar roofing systems installed properly and in a manner to maximize the amount of energy harnessed from the sun, can replace most other electrical needs.


How do we increase energy efficiency with solar panels?

Depending on overall electricity use, sun hours, and size and orientation of the solar system, Solar roofing systems can result in energy savings of up to 80% and will protect you from ongoing increases in utility costs. While the cost of solar technology continues to decrease and improve, so does energy efficiency.Solar energy relies on the Photovoltaic Effect (PV) and a solar panel consists of individual cells that are connected in a series to create a PV module. Modules are then assembled together to create a PV system. The design and installation of the PV system is what will ensure maximize energy savings.


How solar cells work

The combination of cells, modules, and the cell systems on your roof is what determines how much usable energy is converted from the sun thus maximizing how much energy your solar system will collect and your wattage output per square foot.